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> Of course both is lua library. Just  library "B" uses functions from
> library "A".

Do you mean, B uses C functions from A, not Lua functions exported by A?

In general, Lua libraries contain just one public symbol, their open function,
named by convention luaopen_xxx. This functions makes whatever services
the library provides available to Lua -- exporting C functions to other C
modules is not generally done. (It can be done but you'll have to take care
of interdependencies and probably use RTLD_GLOBAL as well, which seems not to
exist in all dlopen implementations.)

So, in your case, does B call luaopen_A or what?

I don't think RTLD_LAZY is a bad thing, only that RTLD_NOW seems more
convenient for Lua libraries. Perhaps you could explain what you're trying to
achieve with RTLD_LAZY.