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I wasn't planning to go this far on the route, yet. Just to see, which implications the discussion on modules would have for distribution.

But, having said that, I agree with your list below. Note: PocketPC should also be as #1. Incidentially, this is also the way LuaX does.. ;P (well, 1 & 3 anyhow)


23.9.2004 kello 03:44, Adrián Pérez kirjoitti:

The only advantage of Windows binaries is that they are compatible across a plethora of versions of the OS. So I think that the following options could be possible:

 1. If under Win32, grab a binary version of the module.
 2. Under Unix, grab a binary version if available.
 3. Under Unix, build from sources.

(Note: I think of MacOS X as another Unix flavour).