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El 23/09/2004, a las 0:43, Jamie Webb escribió:

[...] a Lua solution should work well regardless of the development environment. That probably means providing three options:

1) Grab a binary if one is available for your system
2) Build using UNIX tools (and maybe have a go at VC++?)
3) Externalise the sources for a self-build (also desirable for
   people who want to link statically).

As always, the platform that makes problems arise is Win32. Nearly every Unix installation has at least a working C compiler, and it's usual to have companion tools (c++ compiler, a flavour of make, an sh-compatible shell, a library archiver, etc). But people seldom has those tools in Windows environments. Unix tools behave quite similar from Unix to Unix, too; meanwhile Windows toolsets are very different (mingw, cygwin, vc++, borland c...).

The only advantage of Windows binaries is that they are compatible across a plethora of versions of the OS. So I think that the following options could be possible:

 1. If under Win32, grab a binary version of the module.
 2. Under Unix, grab a binary version if available.
 3. Under Unix, build from sources.

(Note: I think of MacOS X as another Unix flavour).


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