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VersionNotice: The LuaCheia project is apparently dead. That is the suggestion from these two mail list posts: [1] [2] There doesn't seem to be any activity either (since version 4 or 5). This is page is maintained here for historical reference (e.g. the book Beginning Lua Programming mentions LuaCheia).

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What is LuaCheia?

Lua is a great programming language that prides itself on ANSI C portability, small size, simplicity and ease of embedding. Due to these goals, the official Lua distribution cannot provide features common to popular stand-alone scripting languages. With the LuaCheia project, we wish to make a full-featured language based on Lua that makes it more usable as a stand-alone language. Lua cheia is Portuguese for full moon.

The key features of LuaCheia are:

Who does what?

See the [Credits] section of the [manual].

Module list

The following libraries are included, or being considered for inclusion in LuaCheia:


These are the major unfinished tasks:


maybe you are looking for LuaCOM? --MartinSpernau

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