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my Skills include

Perl, PHP, REBOL, VisualBasic, JavaScript, UserTalk/Frontier

Main focus

Webdevelopement, some Windows programming

What I do if I'm not doing the above

(apart from the usual amount of family, sleeping, eating, and such)

My interest in Lua

What brought me to Lua / my hopes

I am constantly on the search for a language that gives me: Ease of programming, cross-platform, and all that in a easily distributable way. Classical scripting languages like Perl/Python fall short here, as the all need a large set of lib-files to be installed on the target system. REBOL comes extremly close to what I want, with only one big drawback: it is commercial (not open), so I'd be dependent on the vendor to change/improve/maintain it.

What I still miss in Lua

Nothing much really, nothing I couldn't put in myself with a little help from my friends *G* [LuaCheia]

Pages you can blame me for

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