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Pages that link to this page pertain to older versions of Lua, such as Lua 4 or 5.0 features removed or deprecated in 5.1. These pages are listed in the backlinks of this page, which are found by clicking on the title of this page.

Normally, these pages should eventually be updated to reflect the latest version of Lua, and in the meantime they can be marked by linking to this page to inform the readers and authors. However, sometimes it is useful to keep around older versions of Lua code for historical reasons. These can often be found by following the history link on the web page you are viewing.

To avoid confusing the reader, code and pages on this wiki should ideally be marked with which version of Lua they pertain to, and some pages are now following that practice. For example, if Lua 5.1 code is not marked as being intended for Lua 5.1, then when Lua 5.2 is released, many readers of this wiki will not know immediately whether the content pertains to Lua 5.1 or 5.2 (though they might guess by looking at the page's last edited date). This was a problem during previous Lua 4 --> 5.0 and 5.0 --> 5.1 upgrades.


Comments moved from page LuaScoping: "With lua 4.1work3 [the LuaScoping content] has become outdated" -- PeterPrade "I don't agree, this Wiki is for all versions of Lua! Of course, we should point out the differences between the 4.0 version and the 5.0 and above." -- PhilippeLhoste

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