Lua Cheia Architecture

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ideas collected from the lua-l. --MartinSpernau

LuaCheia Core

BjornDeMeyer proposed a three level Architecture:
a) enums all available Modules
b) handles loading of the various Modules transparently (LuaBinaryModules, Script Modules, whatever)
the Second Level would the ideal place to customize the behavior of LuaCheia. Here one could add security related features (trusted Module?) etc.

Handling of static linking vs. dynamic linking

- scanning the folder would be non-ansi, but it is not really needed. you can just try to load the appropriate dll (or lua script, or any combination in any order). Of course it will be an error if you can't find any matching file. You can't "enumerate" all available modules in this way, but i guess this is a feature that is not of much use anyway ;)
- the reason was to have a 'query' function that can return info about available modules w/o loading them. a) available? b) version? etc. The scanning will be done by a special LuaCheia Module, containing fs functions (which will not be ANSI C, but portable) --MartinSpernau

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