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It’s good to see you back to Lua hacking after taking an extended detour
with Rust.

Just a heads up that I have taken your old spawner library from 2007.
This library was, until sometime this year, available at

While there was not a formal license file included in the distribution,
one of the files had the note "Released under the same generous licence
as SciTE itself" which a reasonable person would infer is the license
for the entire spawner-ex package (i.e. both the *NIX and Windows
spawner interfaces).

The spawner routines are part of my own little fork of Lua, Lunacy:

Consistent with what I infer to be your wishes, I have added a copy of
the SciTe license to my Lunacy distribution, which I believe allows me
to modify and redistribute your Spawner libs, as well as link them to
the Lua source code without it affecting the Lua license:

If I am in error about your intentions with the Spawner library and its
license, please let the mailing list know, and I will modify the terms
under which I redistribute Spawner (or stop redistribution altogether)
as per your publicly stated wishes.

If the mailing list does not get a reply w.r.t. the Spawner license, I
will conclude that it is to continue being distributed using the SciTe

Thank you, again, for your time and for your Lua code.

-- Sam

[List: I apologize for the resend.  Thunderbird, in their infinite
wisdom, has decided to *still* use the failed format=flowed header
(failed: The list gets weird about format=flowed and it causes headaches
all around) by default in their supposedly "plain text" messages, which
can hideously break how things look when things get sent to the list and
what not.  To fix it in Thunderbird, you need to go to the hamburger
menu on the upper right hand side, search for "config editor", then
search for "mailnews.send_plaintext_flowed" and set it to false.]