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Thanks, somehow nice.

You use the '$' start char here to  'define you private command world".

Is there a special reason why you used '$' - or are there any "lua
recommended" signs to starts such "special private command lines"? If
you have an overview over this / comparison to other lua libs, I would
be happy to get some info on this.

Thank you!

On Thu, Dec 30, 2021 at 10:17 AM steve donovan
<> wrote:
> On Sat, Dec 4, 2021 at 3:48 PM steve donovan <> wrote:
> > There are other changes and little experiments - I am still finding
> > new uses. So, it is growing larger because I do not know how big the
> > core should be.
> This new release is the first one with a version and a license, and
> has some changes. The magic identifier 'L' means 'iterate over all
> lines in stdin' - it used to also 'it' and this caused confusion all
> over the place. Can push results during the (implicit) loop and do
> something with the collected results _after_ the loop.
> $ cat data/justtosay.txt | el not empty[L] and {L nseq[]} or 0 : push
> it end tablefy it
> I have eaten         1
> the plums            2
> that were in         3
> the icebox           4
> and which            5
> you were probably    6
> saving               7
> for breakfast        8
> Forgive me           9
> they were delicious  10
> so sweet             11
> and so cold          12
> (this tends to look better with a monospaced font)
> I know, there's a lot of magic! But I am playing around in the design
> space of 'dialects designed for interactive typing'. It will now be
> put to work as my assistant, where it can learn its role in my digital
> life (and perhaps of others). Several wheels have been reinvented
> already.
> I also know it is 1500 lines of Lua in one file. That is just to make
> it easier to install - can just make a little wrapper script or even
> symlink el.lua to el on the path.
> regards,
> steve d.