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On 05/07/18 12:33, Luiz Henrique de Figueiredo wrote:
> I did for this paper (see page 19):
> Rigorous bounds for polynomial Julia sets
> We built huge graphs. One of the examples required 12Gb for a graph
> with 16560993 vertices and 127668413 edges.

This is really interesting, thanks for sharing it! I understand that it
probably wasn't the goal of the research, but any chance you have some
comparison (time and memory usage) with the same algorithm implemented
in some different language(s)?

On 05/07/18 12:29, Viacheslav Usov wrote:
> I do, or, rather, my customers do in a system that embeds Lua.

On 05/07/18 12:53, 云风 Cloud Wu wrote:
> Our game server use more than 100GiB RAM in lua  (But separate into
> thousands lua vm in one  process)

Okay, my bad, I should be more specific. What matters here is how much
memory is allocated for single Lua heap, not how much memory consumes
some program that embeds Lua.