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Lua 5.4 has NOCVTS2N as default and tiny enhancements to the API,
but the real changes are not visible at the language level. The
substantial enhancements are mainly in its implementation.

With that, we have reached the end of the road for the Lua 5.x series.
Lua 5.3/Lua5.4 as a language has reached a local optimum, in the
mathematical sense that moving a small amount away from where it is
now in any direction makes it worse. We've had a few of that recently.

* The undef idea, already put on the back burner by its inventors.
* The n+1-st discussion, futile before it started, on global-by-default.
* Nitpicking about error messages or the lack of them from library functions.

It may, of course, not be a global optimum. But the next version can't be
another minor release. It will have to be Lua 6.0, as far from the Lua 5.x
series as Lua 5.0 was from Lua 4.0.