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2018-07-05 0:55 GMT-03:00 云风 Cloud Wu <>:

Dibyendu Majumdar <>于2018年7月5日周四 上午5:44写道:
I think 5.3 may well be the greatest of Lua 5.x releases as I can't
think of anything in 5.4 that was really necessary. Did people really
need a generational GC? Is the additional complexity worth it? Did Lua

A user of our online game server framework (skynet) report lua 5.4's  generational GC could improve the memory usage obviously [1]. It reduce nearly half physical memory usage, because the allocator (sush as jemalloc) would use much more memory if we haven't collect it as soon as possible.

[1] :  (The discussion is in Chinese)

I can confirm that the use of generational GC with improves the performance (less CPU time and memory usage) of complex programs (douzens GB of RAM) considerable. Moreover, the new random number generator algorithm and the new opcodes of lua 5.4 are absolutelly essential, sorry Dibyendu.

Rodrigo Azevedo Moreira da Silva