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On 2018-02-27 20:31, Glenn Travis wrote:
I might just go ahead and get it […] so that I can make corrections to World of Warcraft add ons.

Reminder: WoW is still stuck at Lua 5.1 (and it also doesn't include a
complete, unmodified Lua) so not everything from the new book (that
targets 5.3) will apply. (IIRC some of the other modifications / omissions were also "fun" surprises but (un/)luckily I don't recall the details because it's too far in the past...)

So if you don't know Lua (or programming in general) that well yet, I'd
_strongly_ suggest to learn with the normal Lua interpreter first until you know your way around, then learn what differs in WoW. It's also easier to debug: Endless loop in the Lua interpreter? Hit ctrl-C, you're back at the prompt. Endless loop in WoW Lua? Have fun with a hanging fullscreen app, kill it (if you can), then do the whole login dance etc... (at least that's how it was a few years back.)

Good luck.

-- nobody