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I think that lua came as part of the macOS, however I noticed that it was version 5.1.  I decided to update it and downloaded the current version of lua. 
I spent several hours messing with the instillation.  I followed the html instructions closely and did indeed get a lua 5.3.4 directory etc installed on my iMac (OS 10.13.3). I could get lua to “open in the interactive mode ” in terminal if I went to the lua src directory and used the   ./lua    line command. Simply entering lua as a command, which worked before, resulted in a file not found error message. 
I modified the PATH in my .profile to include the lua to source path and this worked fine, but it just felt wrong, and I did not see doing this in the html docs. 
So I looked at the makefile file and looked at where things were supposed to go.  In this instance, the INSTALL_TOP=  path started out as /usr/local/. . .   This path line will not work unless one uses sudo make install which will then put things in the right place (these directories are ‘owned” root / wheel. 
After doing that and deleting the PATH line from .profile, entering lua on the command line works just fine.  I think that this needs to be noted into the instructions. 

Thank you,