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Am 23.02.2015 um 12:04 schröbte tomas:


On 2015-02-21 21:49, Thijs Schreijer wrote:
But I'd prefer to clean up instead of adding to the mess. There are
two existing projects; Kepler and LuaForge, so please don't add new
stuff to the equation
Good point.

My 2cts;
- use LuaForge for anything abandoned and up-for-grabs for anyone who
wishes to take over maintenance
- use Kepler for the method described above (team based)
This might involve moving some Kepler stuff over to LuaForge
It makes sense.

I have some reservations about this: The way I imagine it, the proposed new community organization (and possibly the graveyard/purgatory/spacejunk organization) would be managed the same way as the projects in it (meaning at least two maintainers and a yearly check for life signs). The responsibilities of those maintainers would only be to create or move projects, and there would be two GitHub teams per project (<project>-collaborators and <project>-owners) so that the project maintainers can manage their committers on their own as much as possible. Ideally, I'd also like that the maintainers of the community organization and the graveyard organization are the same, because I suspect there will be some project transfers between those two.

LuaForge is currently a GitHub user not an organization, so we can't have multiple administrators there, and the Kepler project already has existing projects and GitHub teams. (Also "LuaForge" is not really a fitting name for a place for unmaintained projects!)

The good thing about reusing Kepler would be that we don't need a new name which seems to be the only thing holding us back right now ...

@Hisham; No need to take my approach, but most of all; be pragmatic,
and make the change. This list has a bad reputation for consensus, so
waiting won't help :)
I would say that "this list has a reputation for _silent_ consensus".
And, yes, waiting won't help :-)

I would be glad to help.  Count me in!