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> Behalf Of Pierre Chapuis
> Sent: vrijdag 20 februari 2015 16:03
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> Subject: GitHub organization discussed at FOSDEM
> Hello list,
> at FOSDEM we discussed the possibility of creating a GitHub organization
> to maintain some Lua modules for which there should be several maintainers
> (for instance LuaSocket, and probably some libraries from the Kepler
> project).
> I wanted to float that idea here again, and maybe start moving on it.
> So I have a few questions:
> 1) How do you want to call this organization?
> 2) Who wants to be part of it?
> 3) Who wants to create it?
> --
> Pierre Chapuis

Can't the existing Kepler organization [1] be used? Wouldn't that be easiest? If one of the current owners [2] (Fabio, Andre or Hisham) could create a new team for LuaSocket and Diego would hand it over...

Now who should be on that team? Diego obviously, but probably also someone else... looking at the contributors [3] there are some Lua commoners there. What is mostly needed I think is someone that can intelligently discuss PR's and merge them. Let the community do the development, if nobody codes a fix for an issue, the need isn't big enough.