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On 2015-02-21 21:49, Thijs Schreijer wrote:
But I'd prefer to clean up instead of adding to the mess. There are
two existing projects; Kepler and LuaForge, so please don't add new
stuff to the equation
Good point.

My 2cts;
- use LuaForge for anything abandoned and up-for-grabs for anyone who
wishes to take over maintenance
- use Kepler for the method described above (team based)
This might involve moving some Kepler stuff over to LuaForge
It makes sense.

@Hisham; No need to take my approach, but most of all; be pragmatic,
and make the change. This list has a bad reputation for consensus, so
waiting won't help :)
I would say that "this list has a reputation for _silent_ consensus". And, yes, waiting won't help :-)

I would be glad to help.  Count me in!