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On Sun, Mar 23, 2014 at 10:35 AM, Sean Conner <> wrote:
>   Anything in mind on how to replace or remove them?

I once experimented with a LuaMacro solution, defining a new 'export'
keyword for C [1]. Any declaration beginning with 'export' would be
written to an automatically generated header file; if that file
differed from the last run, the actual header would be updated.  C is
born to be preprocessed, so I didn't feel too guilty.  (Curiously
enough I've moved away from wholesale syntax modification for Lua with
macros, but it has been useful for some C projects)

>   -spc (Who tends to get antsy when a source file gets over 2k lines ... )

There we agree; that's large!  (I present Lake as an example of
arrested software development; it's a 3.5K script that should be a
properly modularized 5K program)

It is indeed a problem when a language forces a class implementation
to fit into one file, although heaven knows a 4Kloc class is simply
way too big.

In practice, my Lua modules tend to be about 800 lines.  A source tree
full of 100 line mini-modules feels awkward.

steve d.