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It was thus said that the Great steve donovan once stated:
> As for performance, Mike Pall has given us an existence proof that
> dynamic languages don't have to suffer in performance compared to
> compiled languages.  The trouble with dynamic languages is when doing
> 'programming in the large'.  With C, I can jump around a large
> codebase like a mountain goat;  Eclipse makes Java almost pleasant.
> Without explicit type annotations it's hard to do that with dynamic
> languages.  (You just need enough to resolve the ambiguities so type
> inference can fill the gaps - see the Typed Lua project).

  SynthesisOS was an operating system that was JITted (that is, the
operating system itself would recompile itself as it was running).  It's a
mind blowing system (for 1992!) and in fact, could run unmodified Unix
binaries faster than Unix, on the same hardware!

  And it wasn't written in a dynamic langauge either.