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On 26.11.2013 23:46, Justin Cormack wrote:

>>   I'm not trying to shoot your idea down, but there are issues I think you
>> missed.
> We are going to brutally decide on a best interface and officialize it.
> Somehow. But its going to happen...

Exactly that I am sure that if such a common set of "blessed libraries"
is to emerge, then it has to have some assumptions, for example: all
modules return tables. I think the first step would be to design common
API. Then, if I really want "incompatible" modules to enter this
ecosystem, I would write wrappers to make them compatible with this API.

Of course there is a question: how to design this common set of
interfaces. I think either there will be a leader with a clear vision of
this (any volunteer?), or it will be voted for by the community (slow
process with lots of iterations :( ).

So, in short: focus on API first, then map it on concrete
implementations. So I do propose a "top-down" approach rather than
"bottom-up" (trying to unite all existing implementations into common
API - probably imposibble).