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>Le 13/04/2013 14:13, petah a écrit :
>> Not in France, it's riddled with ridiculous equivalencies established
>> decades ago by former culture secretary Jack Lang "to fend off
>> Anglo-Saxon imperialism". Great for deriding bilingual friends though.
>Well some terms never succeeded (like "ramdam" vs "buzz"), but some
>other imposed by themselves to avoid ambiguity. The best example is
>"octet" : nobody here use "byte" and it is becoming an international
>standard as well.

Yes it makes more sense but try to argue the Swiss/Belgian 70/90 with a Frenchman :) Also octet predates techno-cultural interventionism.

>But our cousins from Quebec are more extremist than we are : probably to
>react to English pressure from the rest of Canada and US.

I don't mind, it's a blast to hear. When a European bilingual friend lets slip "télécharger un fichier" I ask if it's from a server in Quebec. Every time.

>In some domains, people are abusing of English terms  only to be "hype"

"Hype" (for "hip") is a terrible embarrassment. "Pin's" too. Fake French in US media takes the prize though.

>... but are failing totally ridiculous : everybody laugh when listening
>a snowboarder saying "J'étais en snow, et j'ai pris un super Jump avec
>ma board" ... Hahahahaa !

I guess I'm out of the loop, to me it sounds French-Canadian (Boards of Canada notwithstanding).

How off-topic are we yet?

-- p