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This is a minor update which fixes two nasty bugs, one of which was introduced in the last release (so it goes ...).  The first is LDoc no longer gets so terribly overexcited by solitary comments like '---------' that are used for separating sections. The second is that the ToC generated for readmes did not have correct links. 

There are two new features; you can override the default charset ('utf-8') using the charset field in config.ld or the new @charset tag in a module doc comment.  It's now also possible to have a common config.ld that can be used with different files (e.g. ldoc -c /my/config.ld myfile.lua')

And also sorted out a most irritating problem with the rockspec, for which I am suitably sorry!   It will now install a command 'ldoc' instead of 'ldoc.lua' !

While waiting for this to get to the main repo, you can pull the latest with 

luarocks install --from= ldoc 1.3.11

(explicit version needed to get tagged release and not dev version)

While continuing to get the 1.3 branch as stable and clear as possible, it's time to start thinking about what other tricks your 'ideal' documentation tool should have..

steve d.