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On Apr 13, 2013, at 4:41 PM, petah <> wrote:

>> Le 13/04/2013 14:13, petah a écrit :
>>> Not in France, it's riddled with ridiculous equivalencies established
>>> decades ago by former culture secretary Jack Lang "to fend off
>>> Anglo-Saxon imperialism". Great for deriding bilingual friends though.

[.. ]

> How off-topic are we yet?

It kind of loops back at that point maybe: German borrows from English all that it can, across all fields. The reason might be that if you import a foreign language word, then there is no ambiguity what it means. Even if it's silly sometimes but e.g. "For-Schleife", "Return", "Double Word" etc, it can't mean anything else, which can help here and there. English keywords could make the conversation clearer for non-English speakers.

And talking about IT stuff can be difficult enough at times.