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Le 13/04/2013 14:13, petah a écrit :
> Not in France, it's riddled with ridiculous equivalencies established
> decades ago by former culture secretary Jack Lang "to fend off
> Anglo-Saxon imperialism". Great for deriding bilingual friends though.
Well some terms never succeeded (like "ramdam" vs "buzz"), but some
other imposed by themselves to avoid ambiguity. The best example is
"octet" : nobody here use "byte" and it is becoming an international
standard as well.
But our cousins from Quebec are more extremist than we are : probably to
react to English pressure from the rest of Canada and US.

In some domains, people are abusing of English terms  only to be "hype"
... but are failing totally ridiculous : everybody laugh when listening
a snowboarder saying "J'étais en snow, et j'ai pris un super Jump avec
ma board" ... Hahahahaa !
Especially because both "snow" (here shortcut of snowboard) and "board"
counterpart is "surf" which is already an English term incorporated in