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On 23/05/2012 15:48, Enrico Tassi wrote:
In the meanwhile, you can look at the wiki, and at what the various
distrubutions of Lua (Lua for Windows, Lua Dist, luarocks, Debian, Fedora,
...) picked up, then choose the ones available on the platforms you want to
target, double check the extensions you need are still maintained and cross
your finghers hoping they will stay as such (or be ready to fork them).

Choosing the libraries can be controversial... Lot of people can feel annoyed to have not been mentioned. Lot of people will think their favorite library should have been mentioned instead of another.

As said, mentioning the wiki is more useful: no choice from the author, regular updates (removal of dead links and such), and so on.
Also worth mentioning this mailing list...

Philippe Lhoste
--  (near) Paris -- France
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