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On Wed, May 23, 2012 at 03:10:16PM +0200, sergei karhof wrote:
> I don't know if Roberto accepts custom orders ;), but here are a
> couple of things I would really like to see in the third edition of
> PiL:
> * a brief mention of the major Lua extensions, with their main
> features. Since Lua does not come with a standard library of its own,
> having a schematic table of the most popular extensions is essential
> for the beginners.

That would be a dream coming true... 

If I'm not mistaken nobody in the Lua cabal ever blessed any Lua
extension (but for lxp and luasocket I guess, that are indeed used in
Pil IIRC).
In case they change their minds, I would suggest a less static media
than a book, and to bless not only a piece of software but also its

In the meanwhile, you can look at the wiki, and at what the various
distrubutions of Lua (Lua for Windows, Lua Dist, luarocks, Debian, Fedora,
...) picked up, then choose the ones available on the platforms you want to
target, double check the extensions you need are still maintained and cross
your finghers hoping they will stay as such (or be ready to fork them).

Enrico Tassi