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Thanks everybody for your comments, your feedback is welcome!

Just added another link to the primary menu: Roadmap (
I'm aware that the needs more love but my focus is on making Ophal a
better product, so you will see more progress along with the project progress.

Also, if you really want something to be improved/changed, join the project and
help make it happen!


PS: Hope your smartphones enjoy the Mobile detection feature deployed today at

> On Mon, 21 May 2012 12:15:29 +0200 Philippe Lhoste wrote: 
>> On 21/05/2012 07:05, Fernando Paredes García wrote: 
>> Ophal 0.1-alpha8 released under GNU GPL v3.0, more features and new license!
> I know that enlightenment is just a click away (or should be...), but in such  announcement,
> it can be useful to remind what the project is about, to incite people to  discover it. Actually,
> if I click on the link, I see only a page of news, identical to  your announce
> there, so still uninformative. I only see Home and Download links, the first  one leading
> recursively to the same page (I always wondered about the point of such links).
> I have a bit more information if I follow the documentation link, although it remains terse.
> Ah, scrolling to the bottom of the home page, I also find some explanation. Perhaps you
> should make a blurb near the top of the page (and of the HTML file, for better referencing
> by search engines) to welcome the new visitor.
> This is not a gratuitous criticism of your communication skills, I just wanted to point  out
> that such announcement should be self-sufficient, not relying on some supposed  knowledge
> of the context of the project. 
> HTH.
> -- Philippe Lhoste
> --  (near) Paris