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David Given wrote:
> I don't know how if this will realistically affect Lua --- it's pretty
> float-heavy, but people tend not to do number crunching in it. And
> LuaJIT ignores the ABI anyway and does its own thing, so... *shrug*

Umm? LuaJIT fully complies to the soft-float ARM EABI (aka armel).
And the FFI works just fine and has all functionality you'll need
to control the devices on the Raspberry Pi. Without writing a
single line of C code.

Also, LuaJIT uses a dual-number model on ARM, so most computations
are performed with integers. You should see a substantial speedup
with LuaJIT/ARM compared to an out-of-the-box compiled Lua (which
uses doubles only).

[VFP support and a port to hard-float EABI (aka armhf) is on my
wishlist for sponsorships.]