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On 29 February 2012 21:34, Patrick Rapin <> wrote:
>> Noooooo!!! Anything but another zlib :)
> Do you have a better idea ?

Multiple, in no particular order:

 1) Merge them into a single project
 2) Rename them so they are distinct projects
 3) Ensure they all implement a common API subset

> As I wrote, this is for an example binding and for educational
> purpose; not for releasing to the community (although I think it could
> be possible).

Sure, I'm only partly serious. We *do* have too many zlib bindings
called lzlib, and it was driving me mad enough without learning that
another was just born! But I understand you had good reason to.

I'd love to see a solution to the situation, but am not in a position
to myself right now. I guess the original authors are either busy,
absent or simply not motivated enough to implement any of the
solutions right now.

Matthew (realising we just hijacked a thread)