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On 29 February 2012 20:28, Patrick Rapin <> wrote:
> Side remark. This thread showed me the existence of a "lzlib" library
> for binding zlib with Lua [1].
> When I looked at LuaForWindows distribution, it just happens that no
> direct usage of zlib was included (there are however gzio and LuaZip).
> I am not particularly surprised that  such a binding actually exists ;
>  zlib is so common that someone would for sure have done the job.
> Anyway.  A weak ago I have written a zlib binding as an example for
> our modular book [2].

Noooooo!!! Anything but another zlib :)

 - (later version of the above?)

All answer to require("zlib"). The APIs differ. Prosody depends on the
last one, for reasons I can't remember right now (and I vaguely recall
participating in a thread about it here a while back).