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Hi Tomas,

>    Hi Laurent
>   Sorry for the delay.

No problem :)

>    No, sorry.  It seems correct, but I am not sure if I understand
> some details in your PHP code...  Anyway, I suggest you inspect more
>  thoroughly the result (ent) to see if it has any clue.    After that you
> could try to insert some log messages before calling soap.decode()...

I found where the problem was : it was the code supposed to dump "ent" content that was wrong (I already sent a mail for that). It came from example I found on the web regarding luasoap ...

Everything related to webservices is now working well for me now and I started to migrate my application client code from PHP to LUA (server side will remain in PHP). I did also some tutorial on my website but in French.

Returning back to the root of this thread : WSDL.

I did some tries :

- The problem is WSDL is very noisy and cumbersome to exploit as API signature are explosed in 3 different pieces, and not in a smart way. So if reading the XML is already easy with LUA, building arguments definition tree is both heavy and boring :(

- now the added value is it make argument passing to really easier as arguments' name, type and position are all known.

All in all, it should be interesting having a powerful SOAP/WSDL integration in LUA (like PHP one), but it will require significants efforts ...