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	Hi Laurent

	Sorry for the delay.

I tried following code :


local client = require "soap.client"

local ns, meth, ent = {
    url = "";,
    soapaction = "";,
    method = "HelloWorld",
    entries = {
print("namespace = ", ns, "element name = ", meth)
for i, elem in ipairs (ent[1]) do
    print (elem[1])

but I always got the same response :
laurent@chose ~/projets/Lua/WebServices $ lua TstHello.lua namespace =   ; element name =     helloWorldResponse

I guess the problem is with SoapAction field (only a guess, no proof).
I tried with nil, "", "blabla", ""; or the content of WDSL "urn:hello#helloServer#helloWorld" (with or without 'urn:') but I always got NIL :(

Do you know where I'm wrong ?
	No, sorry.  It seems correct, but I am not sure if I understand
some details in your PHP code...  Anyway, I suggest you inspect more
thoroughly the result (ent) to see if it has any clue.	After that you
could try to insert some log messages before calling soap.decode()...