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Hi Tomás,

I spent some time on this topic :)

Lesson learned : I'm working on a Gentoo system, and if LUA executable is almost up to date, all lua-dev packages (luaexpat, socket, ... and even luarocks) are totally obsolete.
So I installed manually luarocks and then all modules I need : but it's a bit annoying as I'll have to take care myself to relink/rebuild modules if one of dependencies are updated (I'll try to find a more secure way).

But now ... I'm blocked : my webservices are password protected and I duno how to pass http authentication thru

In, PHP, it's quite easy :

$options = array(
    'login' => $puppetname, 'password' => $puppetpassword

$soapclt = new SoapClient($wsdl, $options);

But how can I do that in LUA ?

About WSDL, I think I can live w/o it providing I'll have to give manually arguments' type. After being able to communicate with my webservices, I'll check if I can do something smarter ;D



PS: I wasn't able to experiment with the given example (; it seems "" is not responding anymore.