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	Hi Laurent

Do you have any example to share (even dirty, it's only for me to know how to start with).
	The 'tests' directory is supposed to have a test file for the
server support, but it is not easy to understand it without some knowledge
on CGILua...
	LuaSOAP provides some support to generate WSDL descriptions
of the services via two functions: soap.server.export is the way to
describe the services and soap.server.register_service_info registers the
(XML) text to be returned to "WSDL" or "disco" requests.  The function
server.handle_request must be called with the POST and QUERY_STRING data
from the request and it will dispatch the call to the appropriate Lua
function (decoding the arguments and encoding the returned values).
	I haven't made any effort on parsing WSDL info to be used
by clients (mainly because the services I consume provide useless
information :-(