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Polling isn't a solution, you need the filedescriptor(s) so you can
select() on them, or epoll, or whatever you system offers. In current
kernel APIs it all boils down to either blocking or the one big
select()ish call somewhere.

There's no magic bullet to everything work together with everything.
Maybe you could make some common API so you can plug in different
reactors to handle that select()ish thing. But I don't see how getting
all agree to that common API you suggest is better than to just all
agree to the API of one event reactor. In case of using SDL Tim can
sure shine some light on it, actually the same author as luvit did
node-sdl, the SDL interface for node.

Anyway I was suggesting to merry node and luvit into a single reactor
(with seperate threads), which has sure more synergy than the average
bricolage since both share libuv. It might be worth waiting a little,
however, to see what API node itself comes up with for its
multithreading in isolates architecture and see how that can be
embraced. I suppose they will be sharing string constants and (libuv)