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On 6/12/2011 2:42 AM, Tim Caswell wrote:
For both luvit and nodejs, the main loop is libuv.  I'm not sure if
it's possible to share a loop, but it would be a neat experiment for
someone (not me) to try.

The only way I can imagine node and luvit working together is with
multiple processes and message passing through some common IPC.

I thought Daniel's point was not to interleave nodejs and luvit event loops, but to be able to interleave the luvit event loop with other event loops (eg a Qt GUI event loop, just to give an example I'd be interested in). In such a case luvit would have a pump() method that polls the event i/o queues and then returns rather than an event loop that blocks for ever. I realise this isn't how to program a high performance web server but it would be very useful in event driven applications.

Also, what's the scope for using other proptocol parsers in this framework? Would it be easy to integrate an RTSP or OSC parser?