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I had this crazy idea. Now that Node is venturing into V8 isolates
(multithreading in isolated interpreter states) for clusters and the
such with passing deeply frozen objects or string messages between the
isolates. As far I undestood Lua_state is mostly the analogous thing
to what V8 understands as isolate. Would it be possible / cool  to
have a Luvit Lua_state as Isolate within a Node.JS, or vice versa?

One would throw out Lua's advantage of being small, since you'd have
both interpreters running. But you keep fast, and would open to use
any already written Node module functionality to be used from Luvit.
Well you'd have to design some messaging between the Lua/JS isolates,
but it should be possible, to use in Luvit say for example the mongodb
interface written in javascript for node through the isolate

Since Node is just developing isolates and doesn't have a defined
interface for that yet, it might be a little early, but would make
awesomesauce^2 if that would be possible.

On Sun, Dec 4, 2011 at 4:59 AM, jiang yu <> wrote:
> Oh, My god, should I regard it as the third revolution of Lua.
> 1. lua language self, simple,clean and powerful
> 2. lua jit, speed
> 3. luvit, make writing pure lua program simple
> lua can be easily embed in program,but use pure lua write large
> project is a pain, why? it lack some import,efficiency,modern,standard
> lib like timer,net,asyn io... (so you still need make wheel or wrap
> some c/c++ libs); there are many ways in lua's module, no Unified. It
> seems luvit do it BOTH.