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On Mon, 19 Sep 2011 14:44:10 +0200, Philippe Lhoste wrote:
On 19/09/2011 13:09, Pierre Chapuis wrote:
There are not so many French-speaking Lua users though. Except Patrick,
I could only name François Perrad, Fabien Fleutot and Julien Danjou
(who doesn't even use Lua anymore). There are probably some users at
Ubisoft too...

Based on what information? People active on this list? Personal

People active on this list and who I noticed online. But maybe this
book will reveal some more :) Also, sorry I forgot you!

If this could reveal more French Lua users this would be interesting.
I always have in the corner of my brain the idea that there should be
a French Lua Users Group. I still own the domain name...

Pierre Chapuis