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On Mon, 19 Sep 2011 11:58:05 +0200, D-BookeR wrote:
I mean by modular, that the book will be made up of several "modules"
or part, which can be bought separately and which aim different goal : one will help the reader to learn the fundamentals, one will deal with
advanced use, one will be rather a reference manual for every-day’s
use, and one will present case studies.

So to answer to your question, it will take a bit from each of the
three books you mentioned.

Several authors will contribute, and the work will be shared according
to each ones skills, specialization and availability.

Why not, I might be able to contribute a few chapters.

There are not so many French-speaking Lua users though. Except Patrick,
I could only name François Perrad, Fabien Fleutot and Julien Danjou
(who doesn't even use Lua anymore). There are probably some users at
Ubisoft too...

Pierre Chapuis