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Or something more standard, like Microsoft EDTIBIN.EXE which
sometimes is only available (e.g. no such executable) as part of their linker: LINK.EXE /EDIT (the other tool DUMPBIN.EXE also as LINK /DUMP).

On 8/4/11 8:21 AM, T T wrote:
On 4 August 2011 15:58, Thomas Lauer<>  wrote:
Ryan Pusztai<>  wrote:
wlua.exe is for Windows only and it makes it so that the console is not
displayed when running a Lua script. Windows is funny how it ALWAYS displays
a console unless you have an entry point to the app called WinMain() (and a
linker settings change).

I think that's not entirely correct. WinMain() is not required, AFAIK.
It's the linker switch which does the trick and you can actually relink
an existing .exe file with a changed setting and so change the
behaviour. I've done that on occassion and though it has a slightly
"hackish" feel it has always worked.

Or for even more hackish feel, just flip the right bit in the compiled
binary, because that's all it takes :)  You can use a tool like
stud_pe for that: