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John: thanks for answering.

I should clarify what version of Lua I'm using.

I'm running Vista, and I actually did not build anything Lua-related
myself. I just downloaded Lua_V5.1.4-45.exe from

This comes with binaries (lua.exe and wlua.exe) and also registers the
extensions .lua (to lua.exe) and .wlua (to wlua.exe).

It also comes with wx, but with that problem I mentioned.

Is Lua for Windows maintained by someone else and I should inquire
over there? I don't know about that... I'm new to Lua :)


On Wed, Aug 3, 2011 at 6:02 AM, John Labenski <> wrote:
> On Tue, Aug 2, 2011 at 4:20 PM, Stefan Reich
> <> wrote:
>> The trick seems to be in the file extension. If you call your script
>> something.lua and run it by doubleclick, it will crash (on the first
>> mouse hover event). If you call the script something.wlua (with a w),
>> it runs fine.
> This is completely dependent on your OS's default action to take for
> the two different file extensions. What exactly is being run for each?
>> Alternatively, if you invoke the interpreter explicitly, it depends on
>> whether you run lua.exe or wlua.exe.
> What is wlua.exe? Where did you get them from or how did you build them?
>> I'm not sure why lua.exe pretends to be wx-capable... but then it's
>> actually not and it just crashes. Shouldn't that be changed? Either
>> reject wx apps right away... or make them run properly I'd say.
> A generic build of lua.exe is capable of running wxLua scripts if you
> have wxLua's wx.dll in the path for require() to find.
>> I'd suggest this be improved in the next version... it would
>> definitely help newbies and, well, lua.exe crashing is a pretty ugly
>> sight. Don't you agree?
> There is nothing for anybody else to do, you simply do not have either
> a valid or complete build of lua.exe or wxLua.
>>> the same dll file, and the same script, but my wxlua program crashes when the mouse hover on the *any* window that shows on screen :-(.
>>> but the script acts great on other guys computer.
>>> hope anybody knows how this happened...  I use Windows XP and Lua For WIndows 5.1..
> I recommend to you, as I probably did to the earlier poster, that you
> try using wxLua from
> Regards,
>    John