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On Thu, Aug 4, 2011 at 9:50 AM, Stefan Reich <> wrote:
John: thanks for answering.

I should clarify what version of Lua I'm using.

I'm running Vista, and I actually did not build anything Lua-related
myself. I just downloaded Lua_V5.1.4-45.exe from

This comes with binaries (lua.exe and wlua.exe) and also registers the
extensions .lua (to lua.exe) and .wlua (to wlua.exe).

wlua.exe is for Windows only and it makes it so that the console is not displayed when running a Lua script. Windows is funny how it ALWAYS displays a console unless you have an entry point to the app called WinMain() (and a linker settings change). This is just a convenience application.
It also comes with wx, but with that problem I mentioned.

Is Lua for Windows maintained by someone else and I should inquire
over there? I don't know about that... I'm new to Lua :)

I am a LfW maintainer and do not see any of these issues you are describing. In fact, I use it on at least 30+ Windows 7 and XP boxes. I can not reproduce this. Sorry.