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From: Alexander Gladysh
Date: 3/19/2011 6:49 PM
Note that, as I see, this module accesses Lua table internals
directly, and, therefore, is not compatible with LuaJIT or any other
third-party Lua implementation.

I would very much like to see comparison of this module performance
with fine-tuned LuaJIT2/FFI implementation. (In hope that it will
prove that such... unorthodox measures are... unnecessary.)
Sorry, as much as I like LuaJIT2/FFI and want to use it everywhere, it simply does not exist on all the platforms I need to be. It may one day.

Relying on the FFI is every bit as bad, in my opinion, as accessing the table structure directly. The FFI locks you to LuaJIT in the same way that direct table internal access locks you to Lua 5.x itself.
P.S. Honestly, when I hear that something works below Lua API, I reach
for a gun. Henning, not to start a holywar, but I'm very interested in
the... design motivation for this.

I can't speak for the reasoning behind this converter. I can, however, state that LuaPlus accessing Lua's internals directly make it quite a bit faster than Lua's API itself. One example is here:

Note, in particular, that the lua_fastref() code directly accesses the table internals. Note also that the design is the same as luaL_ref(), but instead of calling "heavyweight" Lua APIs, it goes straight to the source.