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On Sun, Mar 20, 2011 at 05:00, Joshua Jensen <> wrote:

> Relying on the FFI is every bit as bad, in my opinion, as accessing the
> table structure directly.  The FFI locks you to LuaJIT in the same way that
> direct table internal access locks you to Lua 5.x itself.

Far from it. FFI is a well-defined public interface.

Let me formulate it in this way (no offense to Henning or his hard
work meant — this is merely an illustration of the policy towards
using private parts of a major third-party component):

1. Any programmer in my team who would write such... code without
getting an explicit permission would be fired.

2. This library and any other library like it is banned (by default)
from any production code that I can control, no matter what are the
speed gains or other benefits. LuaJIT2 itself is an unique exception
to this rule.

3. Indeed, I can imagine a situation when I would need to employ such
approach in the production code. But I would be ashamed to publish
such code as module for generic use. I would keep it in the darkest
corner of my SCM, and will show it only to the trusted fellow mature
programmers, who would understand "why". (Or, maybe, if it happens to
be something "promising" — I will gingerly share the *information*
about it, but with a huge warning or something.)