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On Sun, Mar 20, 2011 at 05:00, Joshua Jensen <> wrote:

>> I would very much like to see comparison of this module performance
>> with fine-tuned LuaJIT2/FFI implementation. (In hope that it will
>> prove that such... unorthodox measures are... unnecessary.)

> Sorry, as much as I like LuaJIT2/FFI and want to use it everywhere, it
> simply does not exist on all the platforms I need to be.  It may one day.

I'm sure that in this case FFI is not needed (not much reason for
C-level access), and LJ2 ought to be able to optimize everything
properly from pure Lua only. Consider LuaJIT2/FFI in the text above as
a (poor) name for LuaJIT2 Git HEAD. :-)