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On 20 March 2011 01:57, Patrick Mc(avery
<> wrote:
> On 11-03-19 09:48 PM, Matthew Wild wrote:
>> On 20 March 2011 00:49, Alexander Gladysh<>  wrote:
>>> On Sun, Mar 20, 2011 at 03:33, Henning Diedrich<>
>>>  wrote:
>>>> Fleece is a ~ 10 times faster Lua to JSON converter.
>>> P.S. Honestly, when I hear that something works below Lua API, I reach
>>> for a gun. Henning, not to start a holywar, but I'm very interested in
>>> the... design motivation for this.
>> The first question that entered my mind was "10 times faster than
>> what?". I think the motivation is fairly obvious :)
>> Regards,
>> Matthew
> Actually I don't get it, what are you saying?

Alexander is questioning why the library is designed the way it is.
I'm saying that the answer is pretty obvious from the  (albeit
ambiguous) description. Is it not?

> Not sure why everyone seems to gang up on people when they try to support us
> with Lua libraries....

Woah, steady :) To be clear there is no "ganging up" going on here.
I'm entirely happy with this library, and most probably have cause to
use it. I'll withold feedback until I've actually used it though,
which I would like to do.

In fact I agree with Joshua that Fleece's approach is probably quite a
bit simpler and more portable than the FFI alternative.