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Am 17.02.2011 um 15:39 schrieb startx <>:

> On Wed, 16 Feb 2011 21:52:46 +0100
> Marc Balmer <> wrote:
>> May I suggest that a decision is taken no later than this friday?
>> Maybe LHF should look at the options and decide.
> hi.
> i don't think i can get more specific with London until Friday. i sent
> a couple of mails out to ask around about venues but in London
> everythings takes a while.
> right now it seems Switzerland and Santa Barbara are best organized
> when it comes to venues, so maybe that's the two options for now?
> in any case, if some UK people who wouldnt go overseas or to switzerland
> want to gather at the same time ( video stream ) in London, i can get a
> room for 20-30 people easily 

I don't want to set expectations to high: If the workshop is done at the FIBL in Switzerland, I don't know if a live video stream will be available.  I'd rather suspect it will not.

I expect a decision on the location to be taken tomorrow.

Marc Balmer