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On Tue, 15 Feb 2011 20:40:10 +0100
Marc Balmer <> wrote:

> > If there is to be a Lua Workshop in 2011, we'd better start
> > planning now. So, any volunteers to host and to organize it?
> There are a few options now.  How do we come to a conclusion?  If the
> workshop is to be held in Switzerland, I'd like to have as much time
> as possible for organization and preparation, and I think the
> London/Oxford guys think similar.
> So the question is, who, until when, will reach a decision, and how?

good points ;)  i think we should give it another week, as very few
people have added themselves to the wiki page. currently i feel that
switzerland seems the place best prepared for such an event though.

i think people might also want to add a preferred date ( at least
a month) to the wiki page, so we have an idea whats the best?