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2011/2/17 Javier Guerra Giraldez <>:
> another thing that could happen is to write a mathematic suite on Lua.

I'm working on GSL Shell, a mathematic suite based on Lua. LuaJIT2 is
already integrated and working, see luajit2 branch in git repository.

Now I'm working to provide highly efficient ODE integration, function
quadrature, function minimization and LM non-linear fit base on
LuaJIT2+FFI. The idea is that for these algorithms LuaJIT could
provide performance compared to C/fortran code and this could be a
very important added value.

For the moment this is still a project, I'm just starting to work on
ODE integration routines. What is implemented are the GSL routines but
these routines are very slow because provided function are interpreted
and there is also an important overhead to call a Lua function from C.

Otherwise GSL shell is already functional and it does have a quite
useful graphical system.

Recently I'm also improved the support for matrix both real and
complex and scalar operations but I'm not planning a new release very
soon because I'm working in the new ODE integration implementation.