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On Mon, Feb 14, 2011 at 03:08, Francesco Abbate <> wrote:
> just to be more clear. I've implemented an ODE integrator in GSL Shell
> by using the GSL library but the perfomance is a disaster because of
> we need to provide a pointer to a C function that evaluate the
> derivates for the ODE system. The performance is very bad because we
> do a transition
> Lua -> C -> Lua
> and the C function call many times a single Lua function. These is
> actually a sort of worst case scenario that LuaJIT is not able to
> optimize.

As I  mentioned earlier, I would encourage you to try out an idea
proposed by Mike in another thread

It works similar to Lua coroutines and allows you to run your LuaJIT2
in one coroutine and your GSL C-implemented rk4 in another coroutine
passing data between the two like you would do with resume/yield
mechanism (from within rk4 callback). By doing so you avoid going
through Lua's C-stack manipulations. LuaJIT will trace/optimize calls
to your Lua implemented function/derivative. You do not need to
reimplement rk4 in Lua at all. Looks like the best of both worlds if
you can wrap your head around non-conventional call chain. If married
to ffi this method might reduce Lua->C->Lua overhead to the bare
I looked into available lightweight C-coroutine libraries and so far
libconcurrency looks promissing.